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Rakter Gm Application

Post  rakter on Sun May 01, 2011 8:32 pm

Name: Adam Rodriguez
Age: 19 year's old
Location: Spain
Hours Online: 6 Hour's and above, every single day

I'm 19, my name is Adam. I'm from Spain.
I enjoy all sorts of sports ranging from Soccer to Basketball to Badminton/Tennis. I like to go to pubs with my friends in the weekend. I enjoy this server allot and i play here for some time already.

Language? :
- English , fluent.
- Spanish . Very Fluent.

GMT? :
- GMT+1 [Spain]

Applying for...
Event GM. As an Event GM, I have good ideas for events and Event systems in order to maintain fun and a friendly server. Through this players tend to play more if there are fun events where they can get cool prices.
As Helper GM I can work with the team to increase number players and obviously, the fun.

My qualifications? :
I am responsible, well trusted, loyal, approachable, helpful, active gamer. I love to help other people, If they have question's they can simply chat or pm me, I will not think twice to answer it, I enjoy working with a team of people.
I am able to connect to the community and cause no drama. I can help this server through entertaining questions of the player's
I am also a person that avoids flames but knows how to justify actions that must be taken.
I do not spam things, spawn things. Unless I am authorized to do so, Ill ask permission to do an event or ask for further information on such things.
I am quite active, I enjoy chatting and know a lot about builds etc. I will do this job as a real life based job.
Because I want to suppport and stand against rule breakers to maintain peace and harmony in the community. I want to add that I know I could be a great GM because I know what it means to be a GM.
Most people who apply want it for the ability to spawn any item that they wish... and once they've gotten that ability, they'll quickly grow bored. For me, it's more than spawning items, hosting events. It's about enforcing the rules and making sure that server is a safe and fun environment for all who play here.
It also means having to deal with the grunt work when a player disobeys the rules and has to be punished(after warnings, depending on the offense). If given a GM position, I certainly would be able to.

Extra stuff :
I normally don't give out ETAs or Soon's, rather I say it'll take its time. ETAs and Soon's fail at everything, there, I said it.
I have a sens of humor.
I can connect to the community quite well and am VERY active.(unless im on a vacation this is only once a year.)
I enjoy performing events and managing a vast communitie.
I also love chatting.

Have you been a GM at other server's?
Yes, 7 months in two differents server's

How many years have you played flyff? :
I've been playing Original flyff for around 5 years, played Original flyff from the beta verion. if ever my GM application form will be accepted, I would like to stay at this server forever as long as it is

Anything more?
I can add it!
Do reply and ask me questions -- I'll be glad to answer all of them.

You can contact me at: kizik@hotmail.es

P.S : I hope you like my simple GM application form, enjoy reading and more luck and blessing's to come to the server, the Server staff, and ofcourse the loyal player's in this game.



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