Server Features Overview

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Server Features Overview

Post  Mechanix on Sun May 08, 2011 4:36 am

Server Features:

- Guild Siege ~ Everday 2x per day @10AM GMT+8 (This will be resieged) and possibly a 8PM GMT +8 siege(But it wont happen much so the 10AM siege will be the more popular one).
This are only subject to Open if enough people attend(Excludes Weekends unless at GM's intention)
- Secret Room ~ Sundays @ 7PM GMT +8
- GM hosted daily Events
- Custom Name Colours
- Custom Arena and Madrigal (If you have patched)
- Rates are at 800 Exp x 500 Drop x 2000 Penya
- Teleporter NPC ~ will teleport you to any place of your choice
- Pro Anti - Hack
- No Negative Awakes
- Bloody at NPC's
- Vampire Drops at Drakul and Asmodan (Secret Room)
- Red chip merchant sells custom items
- NPC edits to sell almost all Scrolls

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