Jel's Application.

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Jel's Application.

Post  MrMe on Wed May 25, 2011 1:37 pm

1.) Name
-Jel de Vries
2.) Age
3.) Location
4.) Previous experience as a GM or playing the game
-I don't have any experience as a gm. I played eFlyff for several years and some other private servers.
5.) Occupation [School or Work?]
-The next 2 days I have final exams. After my exams I have 3 months holiday, and after that i'll go to College. Where I will study e-technology in Amsterdam.
6.) Hours & days at work or school?
-I think College will take 8 hours a day max. besides school I would have enough time to organise events and maybe try to make some improvements.
7.) Availably for the GM position
-I kind of explained it at the previous point.
8.) Do you have developing history? [Web/Game or other]
-I dont have any experience as a GM in a game. I made some websites, but those were more for fun. A subject at e-technlogy is programming, so it would be nice to use the theory I get at school in this game.
9.) Basic overview of yourself
-I think I could be a nice Gm, and I like to learn. So I hope you guys are nice teachers.
10.) What you will do to improve the community
-I have some ideas, but I dont have the programming skills for it yet. Also I can talk very well with people.
11.) Any other details you believe may be necessary to address.
-None, yet.


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