ProtoStar's Game Master Application

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ProtoStar's Game Master Application

Post  ProtoStar on Tue Jun 28, 2011 1:10 am

ProtoStar's Game Master Application

What Is Your Real Life Name? Answer: Haakon F.Stene

What Is Your In-Game Name? Answer: ProtoStar

How Old Are You? Answer: I Am 16 Years Old

What Time Zone Do You Live In? Answer: I Live In GMT +1

Where Do You Live? Answer: I Live In Roros-Norway

What languages do you speak? Answer: Main language: Norwegian,Because I Am From Norway.

Secondary Language: English, I Speak More English Than Norwegian Each Day.

Have You Been Banned On Any Private Servers Before? Answer: No I Have Never Been Banned On Any Private Servers Before, Because I Always Follow The Rules And I Am Polite.

Can You Be Active? Answer: I Am Always Active, I'm On Everyday, For About 5~9 Hours A Day.

Do You Have Any Game Master/Staff Experience? Answer: Yes I Am Game Master On Unlimited Flyff and Event Manager/Moderator On FlyForFriend,The Servers Got A Low Playerbase,So I Am Moving On To Other Private Servers.

I Got 8 Months Game Master Experience And 1 Year Staff Experience.
I Know All The Commands I Need To Know.

Why Do You Deserve To Be A Game Master? Answer: I Deserve This Position, Because I'm A Helpful Person That Likes Too Help New Players Out, Because Most Of The Time When I Am Online I Got Nothing To Do, Instead Of Hanging Around In The Arena.
Also, I Am Active, And I Can Work On With A Team To Make This Server One Of The Best Server Out There.
I'm Always There For Someone If They Need It And You Can Always Trust Me 24/7. Lastly, I Deserve This, Because I Think Becoming A Game Master Doesn't Make You More Popular/Powerful.

We're All The Same Even Though We're Different Ranks.

Will You Behave And Follow The Game Master Rules? Answer: I Will Always Follow It Even Though Someone Begs. If I Break The Rules, I Wouldn't Been Writing This Application.

~ As you can see, this application is organized and you can see the text that is written. Also, I stated what I think is important for the staff to know.

Thanks For Reading My Application.



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