My Idea's!

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My Idea's!

Post  Sikatsu on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:53 pm

My Idea's are as follows:

1) Rementis Drop Event for an weekend sometimes.

2) A Radio on the forums with live Dj's wich can be hired.

3) Celestial Vip Cloak.

Stats: +20% speed +25Pvm +14 all stats +50 or 100 exp.
This may only be for Donaters or Events.
They will not be event, they will be tradable and sellable!

4) Well i though of a CW spawn somewhere like in Azria.

CW: Gm's don't need to be online for spawning one if its on a Timer.

5) Controls for players like: %Gmlist/%Players.

Controls: Well the players can see if there is an gm online if he/she is in need.

6) When you hit an mob it says Miss/Block. I though it would be nice we got like, Pwnt, Loser, Fail.

Hope you like my idea's! sunny
Please set some reply's your welcome!

Ciao Ingame! Sikatsu~ rendeer


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