Weapon Update [New 2-handed Axe stats]

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Weapon Update [New 2-handed Axe stats]

Post  Swagger on Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:53 am

*May be changed*
Bloody~ HP+18%/Str +10/Add FP +10% -----------------> HP+25%/Str +25/ FP +25%

Vampire~ HP+18%/STR+10/STA+10 ----------------------> HP+30%/STR +30/STA+35

Crystal~ HP+18%/STR+10/STA+10 ----------------------> HP+30%/STR +30/STA+35

Ancient~ HP+20%/Atk Rate +10%/Sta +15 -------------> HP+40%/Atk Rate +15%/STA+45

Skeleton~ STR+50/STA+50/HP+30% ---------------------> STR+70/STA+75/ HP+50%

Behemoth~ STR+60/STA+60/ HP+65% ---------------------> STR+85/STA+100/ HP+65%

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