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Post  kyline on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:47 am

To start off, I will be using a format that I have seen around.
Starting off with the basics, let me answer this for you.
You need to be all of the following things to be considered for a Game Master position
Able to work in a group
Able to listen to your bosses
Able to pull a decent amount of hours.
Able to write English decently enough.

Well knowing the first one, "Master Position". Basically, if you cannot master the critical objectives towards being a Game master, then the application itself should never have been posted.
The reason I bring this up is because I have mastered my position as being a game master. I started from the bottom and recreated my self up to learn what is the best, not only for me, but to inspire others what a actual GM does to help around.

Mastering a Game Master position shouldn't require powers at the start. Maintaining the staff's trust is always the first priority. Give them the trust and respect they give you and you will receive certain abilities the more trust and respect builds up.

These aren't the only recognized areas as such being a Game Master. Showing trust and respect to your upper staff is only part of the job. Being on look out and always having an eye open for suspicious things is another.

Concluding my final statement, never assume before confirming the problem. Progress the situation with such calmness and peer mediating the situation will always lead to a good outcome. Respect players and praise them, not because the good they do, but the good they spread. With so being said, there's more to being a Game Master than respect and trust itself.

So here it is,

Name : ida

Age: 16 Years Old

Location: Philippines

Job Applying for: Head GM / Event GM

Experience with job: I was Event GM of Eternal Flyff and also HellFly. But those servers didn’t get all long, they were just 2 weeks old then it died.

Years I've been playing flyff: Almost 2 Years. I just played eFlyff for a year and I turned to playing private servers after that year.

Years playing private servers: Year 2010, In the month of March.

Why should I be hired? - First and foremost, I will be helpful as I can by simply answering questions of players and in that way they can play smoothly without any problems. Thus making them experience a good play in the server. I will also make sure that there are no harassment/discrimination that will happen. I would also work with the other staff so we can give the best flyff experience to our members. I do make sure that other GM's don't abuse their powers.

What good morals do i have? - I'm a responsible one, when I work on a particular server, I give my full loyalty and dedication to my duty. I’m kinda serious, though I love to joke around. But when it comes to my job as GM, I give my attention to it and have focus. I'm helpful, I really love to help players that have problems in game, I would answer all of their questions. I'm friendly, I love to mingle around and make friends.

Any other things: I'm still studying. I love music, when i play flyff, i usually put off its music and listen to songs. I have a unique personality. I'm engaging in sports, like badminton and volleyball. As what I've said earl


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