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Post  DaRKZyDeR on Mon Apr 25, 2011 1:12 am

Name: Rhy
IGN : hybe - Xwillower

How old are you?: 25 - too old to play flyff? nah, I don't think so. Isn't amazing a guy this old still playing this kind of game... but one thing is for sure... I really really love to play this game. Razz

Where do you live?: Philippines

Tell us about yourself. Well, To be honest with you guys, I'm already working. I'm presently employed as an Assistant Sales Manager in A particular company. I don't want any runabouts in my application so let's go directly to the point.

Why should we hire you?
I'm not actually expecting to be hired 'coz of the youngsters that just applied before me. I just wanna try since I believe that it's worth to try than not to try at all. Moving on, I'm just a typical type of person with wide understanding. I have never been a GM or something but I really like helping others. I'm handling 250 employees at my end and the first thing I need to do is to motivate them the same way they're paying it forward to other people they know. And that's what I want to happen. So that people will think this is not just a game, coz there are friendship. I want them to play not because they want to dominate or something. I want them to play because they love flyff, they love celestial, they love the community, and they love all you guys who's behind this wonderfull pserver.

How active are you? Let's just say that I'm assigned on graveyard shift ATM. However, I can still play and be active during work. 9pm to 12noon....

Ok so I decided to edit my post so I can share some of the events that I have in mind.

The Good Samaritan:
Main purpose of this event is to know how helpful other players are. A GM would pretend to be a new player and will go around to ask some questions. The one who would help him would be "the good samaritan". We all know that all players are busy. But spending a little time to help others should be worth it since we all know that we are here not just to play but also to gain friendship.

the title says it all. This one is actually an event guild coz the items may be found in different locations. This will improve guild coordinations and team work.

This basically would need atleast 5 members. The GM would give an item and it should be traded from 1 person to another. The 5 members of the team should be scattered in madrigal. 1 in flaris, darkon and shaduwar. They need blinkwing for this.

That's just a few though,,,

with outmost respect,


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