Sikatsu's Sorry~

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Sikatsu's Sorry~

Post  Sikatsu on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:20 pm

Hello Community of Celestial FlyFF~

After talking with iFunkie on MSN all maked clearly for me.
I was wrong, and im sorry for that.

Yamata & Swagger sorry for the disrespecting.
iFunkie sorry for the previous post and the problem we didn't had too need probaly.
Community of Celestial FlyFF, Sorry for all i did, Isabela also sorry for the arena.

Well, if im still welcome too your game, ill be back online friday.
I probaly risked my Gm App and im sad of that.
Ermm well im asking too get Gm still, i don't think its possible anymore.
Ermm im Xat Moderator, i like to stay on that ofcourse.
Im now helping everyone again with their problems, if Gm's are still offline.

I am really sorry for all i did on the server.
I am seeing forwards too help everyone here.
Im young im only 14, i know i do stupid things, it's probaly my first one because normally im smarter.

If you have questions contact me:
And ill like to get some reply's, too know if im still welcome.

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