Eternity's Application

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Eternity's Application

Post  psossela on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:50 am

1.) Name

My name is Paulo Sossela and IGN Eternity

2.) Age

I'm 16 years old

3.) Location

I am from Brazil(i think its GMT:3:00), city of Amazonas

4.) Previous experience as a GM or playing the game

I was top 2 of a server, then the server got hacked, so i made my own server, then i need to "move out" because my father works on SuperMarket, he travel alot and we move alot. then i lost all files..

5.) Occupation [School or Work?]

At the moment i am at school. 1 year to finish the school and go to College/Work.

6.) Hours & days at work or school?

I do not know what city do you guys live so i will use my country's GMT.. i usually go to school at 12:30, back at 18:45, sometimes 19:45 when i exercise, play from 18:45 ~ 5:00 AM, then i sleep and i wake up like 11:00 AM or 12:00 AM sometimes xD

7.) Availably for the GM position

Well, as i told ya. i had a server and i know how to be a GM. i am active, helpful and i got experience on that.

8.) Do you have developing history? [Web/Game or other]

Well, actually i'd made 5 games(FlyFF, Tibia, MapleStory, PangYa and MU Online[games that i was GM/Owner])

9.) Basic overview of yourself

Well, i'm not fat, i am pretty sexy (y), i am White, friendly, veeeery friendly and i try to be funny sometimes/ALWAYS xD. At the game, i like Blade and RingMaster, i think these ones are the bests classes on Flyff. On my opinion

10.) What you will do to improve the community

Well, i can do anything you guys ask to me, development, make another forum better(yeah, i know and i can make another forum if its bad, like IPB3.0.1 or anyone else).. event, NPC Editor, Player Helper, Anything XD

That's it. if you wanna contact me, thats my email :



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