Yesh's Application

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Yesh's Application

Post  Yesh on Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:08 am

About me.[u]
Hi guys my name is Dan Cabanilla
I'm 14 yrs old
3/4 Filipino 1/4 Chinese
I speak fluent in English and in Tagalog and on the way on learning Spanish next school year
I'm located at Southern California (Pacific time)
Since the time i discovered this community i have been consistent on playing this community from the start till the end and i think i found the right community for me. like i feel that im already part of the Celestial family already.
Ive been playing Flyff since v6
I have experience in Flyff I witnessed how the Flyff community grow from v6 till the present
and I'm a Honest, help full and a loyal player to this community since when it was still called Majestic Flyff.
To be honest with you guys this is my first application i have submitted on a gaming community.
and even if you guys didn't pick me I will accept you decisions without any questions.
Thank you for you time.
Yours Truly, Yesh

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