Gamemaster apply:D

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Gamemaster apply:D

Post  Lumpie on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:35 pm

Hey, I would like to take an opportunity to apply for the position of an Event GM here at Flip celestialflyff. I hope everyone likes and appreciates my application. Note that my Timezone is GMT -5, so it's exactly 12 hours ahead of you which might be one of the benefits of hiring me as an Event Game-Master for celestialflyff
I have many cool PvP and other event ideas of my own that you guys may or may not have heard. So, I'll try to make them as unique as possible.

A. 10 hours or more of ingame playtime.
~ Yes, I have 10 hours or more of ingame playtime.

A. Have you been or will be an active and helpful member?
B. Got any past experience as a eGM?
C. Will you be available for further questioning if considered?
D. Will you be helpful ingame? And on forums?

~ Yes, I will be a very active and helpful member to the Flip celestialflyff community by supporting both the players as well as the admins/GMs.
~ Yes, I do have past experiences as an eGM, some of these include: FlyForFuria, HardFlyff/RockFlyff, KaosFlyff, RandomFlyff, and Imperial Flyff. Some of these servers lasted about 3 months before shutting down due to the lack of players. Although, I tried my very best to contribute to these servers and will do the same here at Flip Top Flyff.
~ Yes, I will definitely be available for further questioning if considered.
~ I will be very helpful in-game to sort-out existing problems and I will also be equally helpful on the forums.

A. Failure to read the stickies will result in an instant rejection.
B. Failure to using the correct format will result in an instant rejection.
C. Posting new applications whether rejected or not will be an instant rejection, please don't spam our forums.

I understand and respect the above rules.

Now, I will share my general information with you.

Age: 16
In-game Name: Bladenuio Forum Name: Lumpie


A. About how long are you able to be on the server daily?
As i mentioned earlier, I am on the server & forums 10+ hours daily.

B. What contributions would you say that you make to Flip Top Flyff?
I hate cheaters and I believe I have the right to stand up and support the server. I will contribute to the team by helping/supporting the staff, assisting the players to the right direction, and trying my best to invite more players and boost the server's populator. I will also provide the players with new and entertaining events.

C. Have you had any past experience as an Event GM?
a. If so, where and how long?
I have posted my past experiences as an Event GM earlier this application. Please go over that.

D. What would you say your best qualities are?
I have many good morals, I am responsible, well trusted, loyal, approachable, helpful, and active gamer. I love to help other people, If they have question's they can simply chat or pm me, I will not think twice to answer it, I surely love to answer you guys and help with your problems, I can speak perfect English, and I know that most of the players in this server speak English,German so there will be no problem in communication. I will do my level best to help you and I will not abuse the GM powers at all.I will answer you're questions and i will answer it in an understanding manner. I will always be ready for anything that the admin has for me to do.

E. Tell us a bit about yourself!
I love to play sports (soccer, basketball, football, hockey) and I love playing multi-player games. I also really like to communicate and help others. I am a very active gamer.

Thank-you very much for reading my application and I will respect/appreciate your decision. Please let me know any mistakes or errors in this application and I will try to fix them for you.


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Re: Gamemaster apply:D

Post  Allen on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:46 pm

Just so you know if you don't want it to look obvious that you copied this from when you applied at another server then you might want to stop referring to Flip Top Flyff.


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Re: Gamemaster apply:D

Post  Gordzkie14 on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:46 pm

FlipTop Flyff? I think your in the wrong forum. >.<


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Re: Gamemaster apply:D

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