Dprizzy's Developer Application

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Dprizzy's Developer Application

Post  dprizzy on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:48 pm

Real Life First Name: Jason

Age: 18

Main Character Name:

Country of Residence: Bristish Columbia, Canada

City of Residence: Vancouver

Timezone(GMT): GMT -8

Languages you speak fluently: English

Position you're applying for: Model/Map/Sfx Developer

What is your gaming schedule for Celestial Forums/Game(display in hours):
Weekdays After School from 3pm-9pm(GMT-Cool
Weekends/Holidays up to 8hrs a Day

Tell us a little about your personality: Im a Nice person who always follow the rules and will do the job
that is given to me with all my power. Im also a fast learner and i always think outside the box.

What are your goals as a [position you are applying for]? : As a Developer i am willing to bring new Weapons, Maps, SFX in game. Here are some of the weapons i have taken from Lineage 2 and implemented in flyff
I can also take weapons from Rose Online and put them in Game.

Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying?: I think i will be chosen among these people because i can bring unique stuffs in game, and also seeing that you only have one developer in game, it would take some weight of his/her shoulder having someone to work with.

Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before?: I've been a Developer in some PrivateServers such as: SapphireFlyff,Catalyst Flyff, DivinityFlyff.


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