Yo-Yo update

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Yo-Yo update

Post  Swagger on Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:17 pm

Bloody~ Dex+10/DEF+100/HP+15% ~ DEX+25/DEF+150/HP+20

Vampire~ Crit+10%/adoch+20%/atkspd+10% ~ Crit+20%/adoch+35%/atkspd+25%

Crystal~ Crit+10%/adoch+20%/atkspd+10% ~ Crit+20%/adoch+35%/atkspd+25%

Ancient~ Crit+22%/adoch+36%/atkspd+22% ~ Crit+35%/adoch+50/atkspd+35%

Skeleton~ STR+70/STA+40/icrease DMG while using yoyo+100 ~ STR+90/STA+65/Increase DMG while using yoyo+200

Behemoth~ STR+150/STA+40/HP+20% ~ STR+175/STA+75/HP+35%


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Re: Yo-Yo update

Post  vlade14 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:55 am

hmmm.. mr swagg.. how bout the savage wilds.. how come it drops only lusaka's items.. it suppose to be lusaka crystal right? or its not yet fixed.. coz ive been there for a serveral times.. thank you for reading and how to fixed that soon Very Happy

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